Why This? Why Now?

A little girl born in the 1990’s picks up a disposable camera and runs around the house taking pictures of all her favourite things (mostly her toys and the family cats) with joy and excitement. The film gets taken to the shop and the suspense begins, what will they look like? Was the photo taken in time before the cat moved? When they are brought home, to the little girl the photos are perfect and they get carefully placed into her Winnie the Pooh photo album.

Fast forward to now and that little girl (me), still has that photo album under her bed, and when she looks at it she remembers where she was, how she felt taking the picture, the happiness when she looked through the viewfinder, and the disappointment when the camera clicked to say it was out of film.

I fell in love with photography at a very early age. While most kids on school trips came back with pictures of friends, I came back with photos of wildlife, the streets we walked, the buildings we’d past, and if a building was too tall I’d take two pictures and line them up once they were developed. Everything I know about aperture, exposure, etc., I taught myself, and my knowledge of composition I just instinctively felt when I positioned the camera. I’m still learning, I look through my Instagram feed and wish I could take such breathtaking photographs like the landscape and travel photographers I follow, but I keep practicing, and I can see myself improving, so I keep going because I feel butterflies inside when I’m out and about with my camera, and I just know I’ll never be able to stop.

So there’s the why photography, now for the why this, a blog, and why now? Photography is a big part of who I am, so why not share that with the world, and document my journey and development as I try and craft the art and improve my skills. Then those out there like me can come on the journey too and hopefully I’ll inspire someone along the way. My thinking process is that this can only help improve my photography and encourage me to get out there and do the thing I love more.

So welcome to my blog, I hope that you come back and visit so we can learn and make our way through this photography obsessed life together! Or if you’re not into taking pictures yourself, I hope that you enjoy looking through mine and seeing new places.

Best wishes,
Amy Williams-Weeks (AWW).


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