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Rediscovering Your Local Area

With the allure of exotic unfamiliar locations it can sometimes be easy to forget what we have surrounding us at home. I am guilty of this, I have major wanderlust and I have spent many rainy afternoons planning all the trips I wish to take around Europe, yearning to explore with my camera and feel that magic excitement. However, Great Britain is filled with fascinating places, there is so much to see and do right on our doorstep, so if we can’t afford a holiday abroad, or we’re short on time, that’s okay, because Britain has all we need to satisfy our need to explore. So here’s my guide on how to rediscover your local area:

Number 1: Identify what you’re interested in and are looking to find

With so much to see and do the search could be endless, so take a moment to think what it is you are interested in seeing/visiting/photographing. Great Britain has castles, forts, mines, waterfalls, a Roman amphitheatre, big cities, the seaside, islands, rivers, lakes and springs. Mountains, moors, meadows and hills. Famous architecture, magnificent cathedrals, beautiful gardens and natures reserves. Not to mention thousands of leisure activities like skiing, motorsport, outdoor experiences, hot air balloons, canal rides, river cruises, theatres, art galleries, museums, welly tossing and duck races!


Number 2: Do a little research

You really don’t know how much is on your doorstep until you look into it, trust me because I’ve lived near Chester for nearly my whole life and I had no idea how many Castle ruins were in my area. My best advice for finding local attractions in your area (this is particularly relevant for Britain but some other countries have this too) is to Google, ‘visit [location]’, and I do this because I have recently discovered that nearly every place in Britain has a ‘visit’ website, and not only the city but the county too, for example my local area is Chester and their is a ‘Visit Chester’ website but also a ‘Visit Cheshire’ website. These websites have extensive lists of leisure activities, shopping, restaurants, bars/clubs, and, the one that’s of most interest to me, historical and cultural sights.  Their lists include all the information you need such as opening times, prices, distance and events.


Number 3: Make a list

You’ll find a lot of places, and the reason I went looking, was for places to photograph, obviously they can’t all be visited in one day, so a list can be compiled of the places for a later date. Whenever I want to go out with my camera I just look up my list and see where I feel like exploring. You can also list them in distance and cost, as some days you won’t have time to go further than 30 minutes, and other days you won’t have money to pay for an attraction, such a stately home for example.


Number 4: Wander Off Path

Of course, I couldn’t write a post about exploring your local area without also promoting good, old fashioned, wandering around, because setting off in a town or city with no specific location can lead to the most memorable and intriguing discoveries. I personally like to plan my adventures for most days in a new location and leave one day down to luck and see where I end up. So go out there and discover all the wonderful things hiding in plain sight just around the corner! 🙂

Do you have any tips for making the most of your local area?

Best wishes,

Amy Williams-Weeks (AWW)

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