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Bridge Camera Bliss: An Alternative to DSLR’s

I’m here to talk about the beauty that is a bridge camera. Sometimes it feels like all the photography magazines talk about are DSLR’s and I am sure they’re great, but they’re also expensive, especially when you add on all the lenses. So when I started looking for a high spec camera, that could do it all to a good standard, on a small budget, I chose a bridge camera. Now, I’m a little bit bias because my prize possession is a bridge camera, but I did not buy it without much consideration. I looked at DSLR’s and I looked at compacts, not just for hours but for weeks. I read review after review, shopped on website after website, but I knew the second I had found my photographic partner in crime. I’ve had my Sony DSCHX300 bridge camera for over a year and a half now and I have no regrets, so here is why I think bridge cameras are unsung photography superstars.

Steady Shot for Up-Close Macro

Fast moving objects and up close macro is a walk in the part with the speedy shutter speeds and steady shot allowing me to take a picture that sharp and clear without the need for a tripod. It also hosts a 1cm focal length. Steady shot also allowed for a picture of the moon to be taken with no tripod which you can see further down.


Ness Botanical Gardens



Ness Botanical Gardens


A Superzoom

On the other hand it also hosts a 50x zoom and up to 810x digital zoom, allowing the most out of reach places to be viewed as though right in front of you.


A Lens for all Occasions

The thought of having to change a lens for each shot and having to carry all that equipment wasn’t too appealing for me as I started to learn the basics of manual. The beauty of a bridge camera is that it’s ready for all situations and all kinds of shots.


Archie My Cat
Tatton Hall


Useful Settings

My bridge camera has great built in features such as background defocus, miniature and colour selection to allow for editing techniques to be implemented during production. It has all the manual settings of a DSLR along with the shutter and aperture priority settings. Panorama is just a click away and so is HD video recording.



Flint Castle


Plenty of Megapixels

With 20.4mp and an ISO range of 80-12800, it will give many DSLR’s a run for their money.


Tatton Park Gardens


So even when the photography world seems dominated by DSLR’s don’t be afraid to buy something different. There are so many photographic options out there that can help you perfect your craft. If you want a DSLR then that’s cool but I hope you find this useful if, like me, you’re looking for something on a budget that can do it all.

Best wishes,

Amy Williams-Weeks (AWW)


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