Editing Challenge: Let’s Get Moody

SO, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, it’s an idea that’s been playing in my mind, but you know how time gets the better of us. However, with Halloween coming up, it seemed the perfect time to get moody, but what do I mean by this? Well, a moody photograph is usually highly contrasted between light and dark, sometimes with richly saturated colours or conversely a lack of colour. The aim of the photograph is to depict a scene that evokes feeling, mood. My absolute favourite Instagram account for this is @MoodyGrams, it’s a community page that features some amazing photographers, people just like me and you, and every time I scroll through their page, I get photographers envy, because there are just some great shots.

I look at these pictures and think, ‘I want to have a go at that. I can do moody’, but every time I come to the editing process I instinctively make it brighter and only tweek it a little, which isn’t a bad thing, every photographer has their own style and I’ve embraced mine, but I also like to push myself to develop my photography skills, so I’ve set myself the challenge of making my images moody. Below I will show you the original image, followed by my attempt at making a moody image using Adobe Photoshop Elements 15. Wish me luck, and fingers crossed!



I actually found this really hard, I was fighting my instinct to brighten the image up. Every time I increased the shadows, I wanted to tweak the highlights to try and balance it out, but in the end I did learn to resist. I also used techniques I hadn’t known about in Photoshop such as the sun flare seen in image 3. I did like the increased saturation, it really made the photos pop, but I did feel a little bit like I wasn’t staying true to the image. The vignette setting became my new best friend, it just felt more moody to have a darker surround and bring the focus into the centre of the image. When picking my images I learnt that blue skies do not mix well with moody I’m not sure if photographers create their moody images in camera or in post-production, or maybe a bit of both, but from trying my best at it I can say I really admire the stunning images that they create even more because it’s not easy making an image dark but still pleasing to the eye. I can say going forward I think I’ll stick to my own light style, but I did enjoy trying to learn new techniques and experimenting with my images.

Until next time!

Best Wishes,

Amy Williams-Weeks (AWW)

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