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So Much to See at Schonbrunn Zoo

I am a massive fan of National Geographic photographers. I follow as many as I know about on Instagram and love reading wildlife photography articles. I love all animals and am always in awe of the amazing pictures they get of these magnificent creatures. Now I’m pretty young and trips to see some of these animals in their natural environment can be expensive. One day I hope I’m lucky enough to see some of the animals in their natural habitats, but for now zoos are the only way for me and my camera to get close to our worlds special inhabitants. Although zoos are no comparison, they offer photographers like me the chance to learn the art of animal photography and how to capture the beauty of these creatures. I do find it sad that so many animals are not safe to live freely, but I’m also glad that there are zoos around like Chester Zoo and Schonbrunn Zoo to look after these animals and keep them safe. I’m so proud of the humans whose conservation efforts have allowed endangered species to move further from the red zone, like pandas in 2017. The two zoos mentioned are the only zoos I have been lucky enough to visit, and fortunately they are both zoos that pride themselves on giving the animals large enclosures and the best care possible. Today’s post is filled with pictures I took at Schonbrunn Zoo, which was one of the best days of my life, because I got to see animals I’d never seen in person before! Like Pandas, Koala Bears, Polar Bears, Hippopotamus, and Emperor Penguins. And the great thing about Vienna’s zoo is that the animals are behind super thick glass that you can stand right next to. It felt like I could almost touch them and made taking pictures that much easier. I like to think that in most of my images you wouldn’t be able to tell the glass is there. So read on for cute animals πŸ™‚


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